Why Choose I.T. Consulting?


Whether you are an established business maintaining a conservative attitude towards technology and staying with the standard server-desktop scheme, or an emerging dynamic business that always looks for the newest technologies, you require the right technology for your needs.

The world of technology is changing with ever increasing speed, old paradigms are disappearing fast, and keeping relevant to progress often requires consulting services. In the past 5 years, we started witnessing a massive shift from physical to virtual, or as we call it ‘Cloud Computing’, as many companies demanded better scalability at a much lower cost. This means that the old paradigm of a physical server supporting an array of desktops and laptops is giving way to a new concept of mobile and ubiquitous computing.

If you are familiar with the terms ‘Cloud Computing’ and ‘Virtualization’, you know that instead of directly storing and utilizing applications and software from a physical location, all the storage and work is performed via the internet. As one of the fastest growing segments of 2016, cloud system infrastructure services (IaaS) continues to be the leader in the natural progression of moving towards secure data scalability. The nature of this shift introduces flexibility when it comes to the bandwidth demands of your business. The cloud scalability allows for painless business fluctuation, for example adding storage space or decreasing it based on your current data requirements.

The growing demand for virtualization also means the demise of all things physical. We see it not only in the diminished use of hardware but a growing trend in device design. With newer versions of Apple computers and smart phones not having as many ports and similar reports about the upcoming Samsung devices, it is easy to conclude that the hardware storage will eventually become obsolete. Understanding these trends and making smart decisions towards the future of any business is the focus of any IT consulting firm. The longer it takes to make the decision to move forward, the harder the transition will become.

Through years of experience, we have noticed that the number of companies who want to make the shift towards virtualization, but do not know how to perform it efficiently is growing in numbers. That’s why as consultants we aim to offer a comprehensive IT assessment, planning, and maintenance strategy for our clients to make sure that the transition towards the future is as smooth as possible.

Disappearing technologies:

  • Desktop computer
  • Physical computer hardware
  • On-Site IT Services
  • Power Cords
  • USB Keys
  • On-Site Data Storage And Backup Solutions

Current technologies:

  • Public And Private Clouds
  • Wireless Power Transmission
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Cloud Computer, Applications And Infrastructure
  • Mobile Computing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Thin Computing

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