The “It Was Working Fine Yesterday ” Problem

We have recently begun to see an increasing number of Seagate hard drives with this type of problem. During the recovery process we discover that a large amount of the media on these hard drives is corrupted, producing errors when attempting to read the data. These errors can often cause the drive to operate much more slowly until they eventually crash all together. A common misconception among our customers is that the drive needs to be cleaned up or RAM needs to be added. In fact…… This kind of issue can be classified as a hard drive issue and can be remedied outside of our dust-free environments. A recovery of this nature can cost between $700 and $900, takes approximately three days and can be highly successful. The recovered data can then be returned to you on the media of your choice or can be saved to our cloud server and instructions on how to access this information is then sent to you via email. While this type of problem may not be seen regularly by other IT providers, we have seen this quite a bit. Western Digital and Toshiba drives can also encounter ths problem from time to time.

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