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I am the first one to admit that the first computer that I used was DOS based. I was happy because it did what I wanted it to do and that was great. As the years went on I received my certifications in Windows (MCSE) and everything was fine, until one day I got fed up with the amount of viruses, spyware and maleware I found on my systems. Prior to this point I did have a few months worth of experience of using Redhat, so I decided to forgo the Windows world and jump head first into the Linux world. I am the first one to tell you that I do not know everything there is to know about Linux and for that matter I became a life long student learning different things each day.

It has been 6 years since I switched to Linux (Ubuntu to be exact) and I wouldn’t turn back even if I was paid to. The reason i am writing this is to try to help people that are in the same situation that I was in a few years back realize that there is more out there than Windows, at least for the PC that is.

The main reason that people have difficulty switching over to a new operating system is because it is largely unknown; however, if you were to go down your street and ask each person a few questions about what Windows can do, you would find that not many can really answer you correctly. So, in turn I ask why can’t we start using an operating system that is more reliable and has less issues? The answer is very simple; fear.  People simply fear change. The one thing that I realized very quickly is that there are very few things that you can’t do with a Linux system that you can do with a Windows system. Most of the time it’s done simpler and without very much configuration.

In the past year I have switched a few people and a couple of clients to (k)ubuntu and they love it. The funny thing is that when I switch them they no longer  require my services because they don’t have issues as frequently as they used to. When they do call its for simple things and not because the system is slow and unresponsive.

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