New Server Environment

Questions to consider when developing a new server environment:

  1. What are the requirements of the server at this point? Will the requirements change in the near future?
    If the answer to the second part of this question is yes then you have to re-evaluate what the baseline for this server is. Our  recommendation is to go back to the drawing board and design for the future rather than what’s needed at this point.
  2. What are the software requirements for the users on the network that will be accessing this server?
    One of the main things that I find clients overlooking is what the users on their network need and what they want. That is two very different answers. They may also be the measuring points that you need to look at when growth is a factor in your business in the near future.
  3. Why are you in need of this server and not able to use a server that has low usage?
    We all look forward to building and purchasing a server but one thing we all overlook at one time or another is that the simplest solution might be right within our own office.
  4. a. Does the room that the server will be stored in have enough physical space to accommodate server growth?
    When you do your planning for your new server or rack installation you should keep in mind the amount of growth you may have in the future.  That may consist of using a larger rack in the first place so that when you need to expand the number of physical servers, you already have the space available.
    b.  Is the power grid capable of handling the load?
    This question has more to do with the physical design of the room than the amount of servers you will have encompassed in it. To answer this question you need to plan for at least twice the load that you have at this point in time so that you will not be overloading the circuits in the future.

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