“Hard Drive Wiped by Windows 10 Update”

Windows 10 Update Wipes Hard Drives
Windows 10 Update Wipes Hard Drives

Recently, we had a client contact us to recover his laptop. He stated that at one point, he had been prompted by the system to update his Windows 10 operating system (to v1903). Once the update was completed, it would shutdown and restart. Instead, upon restarting it would not boot correctly and he was unable to access any of his files. Upon closer inspection, we determined that the hard-drive had suffered a catastrophic failure during the update and despite our many efforts to recover his data, the hard drive was simply not functional and all of his data had been lost.

Imagine that this had happened to you. If your computer suddenly stopped working due to a seemingly run-of-the-mill OS update, how would this have impacted you? How valuable would that lost data be to you? Situations like this can prove to be not only catastrophic; however, also cost you time and money, with no guarantee that your data will be retrievable.

The solution to this problem is two-fold. First, always make sure you have backed up your data prior to the operating system update. This will ensure that your data is secure in the event that the update is not compatible with your hardware. In the case of our client, had he backed up his data prior to the update, all he would need to do is replace his hard drive and transfer the data previously backed up onto the new hard drive, and he would be up and running in no time. Second, using an external hard drive or USB as your backup solution shouldn’t be trusted. Each of these devices is another point of possible failure, as they were not designed to back up large amounts of data such as drive images. Instead, we advise that you use a combination of on-site server storage and off-site cloud storage. This will ensure that your backed up data is intact in the event of a hardware failure.

If you would like more information about this update, including the problems it may cause and how to fix them, please visit the following link:

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In summary, it is always recommended that you keep your operating system updated with the latest version to ensure security of your system. However, beware, as sometimes these updates cause more problems than they solve. Before automatically updating your operating system, take a few moments to look up if there has been any recorded issues with the update, so that you can take appropriate measures and be prepared.

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