Data Backup


Data backup is not only an important topic, but is an everyday reality that affects both personal and business oriented users. While there is a lot of information related to the topic available to the readers, a lot of technical articles on how to back up data and what steps to take, these information sources all have one thing in common – they often overlook the importance of the operating system. We cannot stress enough how many times, in our experience, we have attempted to recover client data only to find out that the backup is an out-dated file burn stored on a DVD. While this can be helpful, having an operating system partition in place is crucial for ensuring complete access and data restore.

It all boils down to the software and settings that have been installed and saved on your system. This takes time to reinstall and is precisely the reason why with a proper backup solution you will no longer need the installation discs that are stacking up at your home or office. Companies providing data backup service, such as ours, set up your system and then take a snapshot of your hard drive and store it on our secure servers for a predetermined period of time. Then, when you have an issue, we come back and recover your data in a fraction of the time it would take you under usual circumstances.

Online articles often suggest that you can back up your data to an external device and you will be fine. The problem with this solution is that your external device can fail just as easily as your hard drive itself. The answer is to have a small in-house server that is attached to your network to hold your data. This server is secured to the point where access is restricted and is only available to key staff members.

ITFirstAid designs such servers for both office and personal/home use. The servers themselves can replace 90% of the hardware needs that are currently served by the big bulky units that you may have in your office or home. This helps to not only to protect your data, but also to lower all associated costs. In order to protect your data further, we offer off-site server backup, which makes a fully accessible scheduled backup of your data and provides additional support. In case the on-site copy becomes corrupt, there is an added safety net with a full restore point.

Technical Benefits

  • Delivers enterprise-class redundant performance
  • Offers resource-efficient, massively scalable indexing
  • Provides bandwidth optimization without the traditionally associated overhead
  • Reduces duplication memory requirements by over 90%
  • Increases efficiency by reducing the effective cost per GB stored

Business Benefits

  • Reduces duplication resource requirements
  • Lowers customers’ cost of data protection cycles
  • Reduces the manpower and resource load of backup
  • Delivers real-time efficiency
  • Eliminates customers’ backup bleed-over

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