Make sure your backups are tested

Backup Strategies: Have you done it yet?

It is the first of June 2018. At this point you should have a backup for the last five or six months. Have you restored your backups for the last two months to make sure that you have somethwat of a recovery point? If not, here are a few pointers to help you construct a recovery plan:

If you have not backed up your data within the last five months you should at least have an idea of what files you need to back up. What you back up is all dependent on what your business is. So this step will depend on what you back up.

There are incremental, differential and full backups. These are the three different types of backups you can implement on your network. If you have not done any backups at all we suggest that you do a full backup to begin with and then go to differential or incremental.

After your backup has been done, wait a couple of days and restore your backup to make sure that your files are retrievable. If your files are not retrievable, we can help you set up a backup plan that you can rely on. The incremental, differential and full backups are the three main strategies that most businesses use for backing up their data.

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